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Orange TKO

***We do not encourage spraying TKO directly on birds as some birds may be allergic, and could result in the bird becoming sick. Contact your veterinarian to determine if your bird is allergic to d'limonene.***

Light mix : Some customers may spray their birds to keep down dander, to prevent feather picking of one's self, mates, siblings, and cage mates. TKO will act as an anit-fungal for legs and feet. spray surrounding are of cage or perch to deter from chewing.

General mix : Use as a cage cleaner. Spray in soiled areas, let sit for 5 - 10 minutes and wipe clean. Removes hard water stains from plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel bowls. Spray legs of cage or stand well to prevent ants andinsects from climbing up for food. Spray as air freshener or lower the presence of air born spores.