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Orange TKO

Man's very first cleaning product was the citrus fruit. The cleaning power lies in the seeds and peels. This is known as d'limonene.

A distilling process recovers the d'limonene from the orange peel leaving no oily residue. Through a unique process, Orange TKO enhances the natural emulsification properties so d'limonene can be blended with water. Stabilizers are added to reduce the sting while retaining the power of d'limonene. The end result, Orange TKO, is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, yet a powerful formulation.

Orange TKO is the most effective and economical cleaner and stain remover on the market. Orange TKO is effective because it is formulated from a high grade d'limonene and is presented in its purest form. The orange is not only a high grade of d'limonene, but is the most plentiful source.

Emulsification is a natural process that breaks down the molecular structure of a foreign substance and suspends the molecules within the emulsifier. The stain disappears. If an object has been dyed, it cannot be restored to the original color. Orange TKO leaves no stain and will not harm fabric, not even silk.

Orange TKO is economical because if comes in a concentrate which can be mixed with water for the required use.

D'limonene has been proven to be much more than an emulsifier.

In the diluted form, Orange TKO will not harm house plants or even a delicate rose. Orange TKO in its concentrated form will burn grass, but when diluted, will remove an oil spill without grass damage.

D'limonene in the natural environment is degraded in a relatively short period.